A brief introduction: I am a student, living in a little apartment in the bustling, beautiful city of Montreal. La belle ville has never been so charming. I am, like so many of us these days, looking for love. But not the romantic kind – I’m talking about a different kind of passion.

Just about everybody I know has a second love. Romance and work aside, they have some kind of art or sport or adventure to pursue. Something to study, learn about, grow into. I thought for a while that I’d like to dive into graphic design. I’m not very good at teaching myself things, and tend to take classes to learn just about anything, so I looked up design programs. Montreal happens to have a lot of them. And then I realized I was being foolish because I am a medical student – I have 5-8 years of training ahead of me with no breaks in sight. Alas. Whatever I decide to do will have to be learned on my own. So I bought a book, Graphic Design for Non-Designers. I read it. But I didn’t have any design projects. And I was half-hearted about the whole thing anyways. The truth of it is, if I am going to teach myself something I have to be extremely motivated, and very much in love. Graphics, you are beautiful, but I’m just not that committed. Sorry.

I also made a short (more-or-less imaginary) foray into the world of photography. I’ve always been interested, but so many people are taking it up these days that picture taking has become a little less alluring to me. My mom has a big fancy dSLR, which I borrow whenever I have the chance, and I use the manual settings on my cute little point-and-shoot all the time, but beyond that I haven’t really worked at it. I guess I feel limited by not having the right equipment, although I harbour a guilty suspicion that if I were to get a fancy shmancy camera it would sit on my shelf and collect dust most of the time.

I’ve talked about getting into painting, and jewelry making, cooking and baking, and all manner of creative artsy things that you can take pictures of and post on your facebook page to impress people (although if that’s my motivation, I’m better off not doing anything at all).

But the one thing I have always returned to in spite of myself, and in spite of my doubts and fears, unease and insecurity, is writing. Hence this blog. I tend to shy away from the public eye, but I have decided that I need that extra push to motivate me to become a better writer. And what better than the knowledge that other people will be reading my writing? So here it is: my very own blog.

I am hoping to take inspiration from three fabulous artists I know:

The first is Jalianne Li, a close friend of mine from university who has taken up professional contemporary dance in the modern city of London, England. From J I hope to learn courage, to step out into the unknown and have faith in myself.

The second is Katia Grubisic, a Montreal poet who led a poetry workshop I participated in just over a year ago. From her I hope to learn non-judgemental acceptance and creative, no-holds-barred exploration, as she taught us through her poetry exercises.

The third is Amy Henderson, musician and choir director, who directs the choir I sing in, Les Muses Chorale, and has been my voice teacher in Montreal. From Amy I hope to learn love and playfulness for and with my art. That it may bring much joy to many people, as hers does.